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  Kids Karate Lessons Glendora, California CA Adult and Teen Martial Arts Glendora, California CA Kids Karate Birthday Parties Glendora, California CA
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Martial Arts, Fitness, Exercise, Character Development & Life Skills AND FUN for Kids!

Do you want to join the thousands of parents that have witnessed their children transform their lives into a warrior spirit filled with success? At Red Dragon Karate we offer a structured child friendly environment that both you and your child will love. As an instructor for 20 years I have seen student after student, due to Martial Arts Training, do much better in school, be more respectful to his or her superiors, and have better over-all attitudes with everything they do in life. You too will see huge positive changes in the life of your child and your family!
Kids Love it - and MOM’s Love it too!

The Children’s Martial Arts Program at Red Dragon Karate is where your child deserves to be! We have classes for both boys and girls starting at age 4. With a wide variety of classes we have something for every skill-level! Our classes are age appropriate and are always taught by highly trained, skilled and certified martial arts professionals. Your child will receive the very best instruction that will help them develop fundamental disciplines for life, while building self-defense skills and their physical well being. At Red Dragon Karate your child will enjoy the fun-filled action of every class while learning applicable and exciting drills created with your child in mind.

Just Imagine How Incredible It Will Be!

Clear & Proper Focus – In Martial Arts, we have kids do fun disguised repetition drills –These drills teach them focus. Then, the better they get at focusing, the more their confidence and skill levels will increase. Our Karate Kids never get bored or antsy. Parents report to us that after starting karate classes here, they have seen their children not only practicing at home, but better focused on their homework, chores, and conversations with you.  Children learn they can achieve anything they focus their minds to accomplish.  Red Dragon kids are all winners!

"Red Dragon gives my child the awareness and skills to discipline their mind and control their actions. Our daughter went from being a “D” student to a B+ student in one semester! We also love the fact that she can protect herself from strangers.” - Theresa Rovin -  Covina, CA

“From the moment we walked in I knew we were in the right place. After the first lesson my son was so excited he practiced for an hour at home. The instructors are patient and know EXACTLY what they are doing. This place is AMAZING” - Jessica Louis - Glendora, CA

“Red Dragon teaches character development skills in every class and the instructors are positive role models, as a single mom that is important to me because I know it will help my kids learn to live productive adult lives” - Michelle Moskowitz - Glendora, CA

No Risk Trial offer:  YOUR Child will Succeed - We guarantee it!

Give us 30 days to help your family. If our program isn’t everything we promise it to be we will give you a full refund! Red Dragon Karate Glendora is the only MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL IN THE AREA THAT MAKES THIS GUARANTEE! We have been active and involved in our community for over 25 years. We are committed and dedicated to helping every child succeed. SO… give us a call right now at 626-914-0342 and one of our passionate and polite team members will help you get started.